OS/2 Warp v4.52 on VMWare Player

To create a virtual machine that can run an OS/2 Warp v4.52 guest operating system, do the following:
  1. When creating the virtual machine, in the Select a Guest Operating System page of the New Virtual Machine wizard, select Other for the guest operating system and Other for the version.
  2. After the virtual machine is created, use a text editor to open the .vmx file for the virtual machine and make the following changes:
    • Edit the property guestOS = "other" so that it is guestOS = "os2".
    • Add the property svga.noWidescreenVBE="TRUE".

3 thoughts on “OS/2 Warp v4.52 on VMWare Player

  1. Dennis Foreman says:

    Is there a way of increasing the monitor resolution beyond 640×480 (e.g. to match my host system)? I have set the vmplayer checkbox to match it, but OS/2 still boots up in 640×480.

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