How to BIOS settings for Hyper-V

Hyper-V work only if you have a x64 processor with hardware support to virtualization:

  • Intel VT-x 
  • AMD-V.

It need also hardware Data Execution Prevention:

  • Intel Execute Disable (XD)
  • AMD No Execute (NX)

Is necessary a power off and a restart to make this setting enabled, not only a reboot.

If you are using Hyper-V R2, you can also enable Second Level Address Translation (SLAT) for hardware-assisted MMU virtualization (with this you can gain a lot of performance):

  • Intel Extended Page Table (EPT)
  • AMD Nested Page Table (NPT) o  Rapid Virtualization Indexing (RVI)

If you have the Hyper-threading option, enable it.

If you have one of this options, disable it because Hyper-V until now is not able to use:

  • Intel VT-d
  • Trusted Execution



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