How to Translate GroupPolicy GUID to Name

A GPO GUID, or Global Unique Identifier, is a specific ID assigned to every Group Policy Object. You can see SYSVOL contents of every GPO by browsing to: \\myad.local\SYSVOL\myad.local\Policies\{1407C36F-B52B-4A8B-85DF-BDBC8E823085}


Open up Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC) look in the System Container. Browse to Policies and you should see the GUID for every GPO in your domain. If you don’t see System, enable “Advanced Features” on “View” menu. Right click on any GUID and select properties; then select the Attribute Editor Tab. Look for the displayName attribute.

Use Powershell:

The CMDLET name is Get-GPO with the parameter -guid.

Get-GPO -GUID “{1407C36F-B52B-4A8B-85DF-BDBC8E823085}”

When you run that command, you will get the DisplayName, domain, owner, GUID, and GPO Status.


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