Problem: GPClient hang on boot

Some days ago I was involved on a Windows 8.1 machine that take up to 60 minutes to boot.

On Application Event log I found this error:

Nome registro: Application
Origine:       Microsoft-Windows-Winlogon

ID evento:     6006
Categoria attività:Nessuna
Livello:       Avviso
Parole chiave: Classico

La gestione dell’evento di notifica (CreateSession) da parte del sottoscrittore delle notifiche di WinLogon ha richiesto 3599 secondi.

As first step I tried to move this machine on a OU without GPOs but nothing was changed.
Then I tried to check WMI status because WMI is checked during GPO analysis.
There is a good blog from “Performance Team”:

This is what I did for solve the problem:

net stop winmgmt /y
winmgmt /resetrepository

Then reboot the system.


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