How to Run with an old version of JRE

Running with an out-of-date Oracle Java Runtime (JRE) became really pesky. I understand the reason to force to keep software update, but sometime there are also some reason that force you to stay with an out-of-date version.

For Java plugin on Internet Explorer there are 2 factors that should consider:

  • Microsoft out-of-date ActiveX control blocking
  • Oracle JRE release expiration check

Microsoft out-of-date ActiveX control blocking

This feature warns users if they are using an outdated ActiveX with a notification bar similar to this:


The complete list of out-of-date ActiveX control can be found here:

This feature does not warn about or block ActiveX controls in the Local Intranet Zone or Trusted Sites Zone.
Put your site on one of these two IE Sites Zone to avoid this feature.

Check for more info.

But this is only a part of the problem….

Oracle Release Expiration Check

Every time Java plugin is launched, a release expiration check is performed, and warns users if an out-of-date JRE is found:


To bypass this warning, you should edit this file: %APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\

Add this property:


Remember that this file has the “read only” flag. Remove it before saving and put it back after.

Open the “Java Control Panel” to ensure that the native cache is synchronized with the file.

This property can be used starting from version 7u40.



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