How to Tag MKV Title from Filename

If you want a quick way of batch processing all MKV files in a directory, setting the MKV title to the filename, then install mkvtoolnix and then create a batch script called MKVTitleFromFile.cmd:

Remember to change the path where you store mkvpropedit.exe

Run the batch passing as parameter the path where you have the Matroska files:

MKVTitleFromFile.cmd \\\Share

mkvtoolnix is available on multi-platforms and for windows is available also portable:


7 thoughts on “How to Tag MKV Title from Filename

  1. Mark says:

    Any idea why this may not work for me? For a file titled ShowName – 1 – EpisodeName.mkv
    I get a response like this.

    • LS says:

      For nested folder try this:
      @echo off

      echo * Starting Tagging MKV files

      pushd %~1
      for /R %%m in (*.mkv) do (

      echo Changing %%m Title to “%%~nm”

      “C:\Data\mkvtoolnixPortable\mkvpropedit” “%%m” -e info -s title=”%%~nm”

      echo —–


      echo * Finished

      • billybag says:

        It scans all the folder like i want but they all come back with “The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. “

  2. billybag says:

    Also putting quotes around file paths with spaces in them seems to have no effect. it is still treated as a folder path with spaces

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