How to Deploy BIOS settings to DELL clients

You can use CCTK from DELL to perform BIOS configuration. First download the latest version of “Dell Command Configure” under “System Management” category from

Then install it and run the “Dell Command Configure Wizard”


Edit it selecting the required settings.

The export the config clicking the button “EXPORT CONFIG” to be able to modify it later if needed.

Clicking on button “EXPORT .EXE”, and executable file will be created. Running this exe on the target machines, your BIOS settings will be applied.

The exe is silent but create a log on the same folder where you run it.

To deploy it via PSEXEC, some options is required:
– Put the EXE file on a share reachable by clients
– Run PSEXEC with option -s

DELL deliver also a powershell module for managing BIOS setting.
If you have WMF5 you can download it directly from

Check if you find it:

Find-Module DellBIOSProvider

If yes, install it:

Install-Module DellBIOSProvider

Once installed, import the module:

Import-Module DellBIOSProvider

Check if the provider is there:


Then browse the BIOS settings:

cd dellsmbios:

Like example, to set “Numlock” attribute enabled:

Set-Item –Path .\POSTBehavior\Numlock Enabled




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