How to Manage Firefox settings

Firefox is not our primary browser but I had to find a solution for changing the homepage settings on all our clients.

I explored how to manage Firefox via GPO. There is a Plugin for that ( but you should deploy this plugin on all clients.

Then i tried to use a central web server to deploy settings to all our clients.

First create a file with settings to deploy: autoadmin.js and publish it on a web server.
Then Execute on all your clients the script Invoke_FirefoxAutoconfig.cmd for configure the browser to download the settings from your central web server every time the browser is started.

Before deploy the script and the autoadmin.js file, change the settings according to your preferences and your environment:

on autoadmin.js change “browser.startup.homepage” with the correct homepage to deploy. Keep in mind that there is also a IF-ELSE Statement that deploy different homepages based on account name. You can remove it if not needed.

on Invoke_FirefoxAutoconfig.cmd adjust the path where Firefox is installed: on my case “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Mozilla Firefox\”



If you want to deploy only homepage setting without use Central Enterprise Configuration, this is a script to deploy to all users (at logon or via GPO) that change the settings only to current user and do not require admin rights.



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