How to use Portable Visual Studio Code and GIT

I started to use Visual Studio Code as my primary Editor tool. I used portable version of Visual Studio Code and GIT to avoid installation and be able to quickly use different machines. For this purpose I also prefered to use “Workspace Settings” instead of “User Settings” in Visual Studio Code.

Download and install Visual Studio Code Portable from

Download and install Git Portable from

Open Visual Studio Code and create a “Workspace Settings” with path to portable GIT and in my case Proxy Settings:

// Place your settings in this file to overwrite default and user settings.
    // The proxy setting to use. If not set will be taken from the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables
    "http.proxy": "",

    // Path to the git executable
    "git.path": "C:\\Data\\GitPortable\\App\\Git\\Bin\\git.exe"

If you develop in powershell with this repository make sense to add Powershell Extension ( and configure powershell as integrated terminal:

// 64-bit PowerShell if available, otherwise 32-bit

Open Visual Studio Code and initialize a GIT repository


Open GIT Portable, go to local repository path and config GIT repository:

git remote add origin
git config http.proxy "<a href=""></a>"
git config ""
git config credential.helper wincred

Check also to use Visual Studio Team Service as a provider.


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