How to Configure RDS License server without session Broker service

On a small location we had the need to install a RDS server with only the “Remote Desktop Session Host” without install the Session Broker. This means that to configure a license server for this Host you need to jump to powershell:

Open an elevated Windows PowerShell Command Prompt window.

$obj = gwmi -namespace "Root/CIMV2/TerminalServices" Win32_TerminalServiceSetting

Change [Value] with “2” for per Device or “4” for per User


Change [LicServer] with the RDS license server hostname


Then check that everything is fine:




How to: configure git credential for Visual Studio Code on FlatPack

I discovered a flatpack version for vcode (not official from microsoft, so keep attention) and I gave it a try, but configuring git credential as usual (git config –global credential.helper libsecret) i received this error:

git: ‘credential-libsecret’ is not a git command.

config git like this for make it working:

git config --global credential.helper /run/host/usr/libexec/git-core/git-credential-libsecret

How To: “Preview Versions” with long path

A user tried to copy back a folder that was deleted the day before from the “Preview Versions” (Shadow copies) but he received an error due to “path to long”.

The reason for the path too long is because the overhead added to the path by Shadow Copies; the filename length become longer than MAX_PATH (260 characters).

First, we find the exact name of the shadow copy. I listed them to a file and the serch for it:

diskshadow /l shadows.txt
DISKSHADOW> list shadows all
notepad shadows.txt
Shadow copy ID = {c357e0f7-1243-452c-8f43-a08db0add72e}
		- Shadow copy set: {68a4ab56-0658-400a-b296-da22bdfaee80}
		- Original count of shadow copies = 1
		- Original volume name: \\?\Volume{2c38e770-cb20-11e5-80b4-005056bf033b}\ [D:\]
		- Creation time: 06/06/2018 06:00:11
		- Shadow copy device name: \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy163

Then link a folder to the selected shadow:

mklink /d C:\temp\shadow \\?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolumeShadowCopy163\

Don’t forget to add a trailing slash to the mapping.

Then when you copied the files, remove the link:

rmdir c:\temp\shadow


ERROR: same Excel file opens twice

I had a user with an excel file that when you click it to open, it opens twice:
myfile:1 and myfile:2

If you have the same file open in 2 windows, close one window (Ctrl + W) and save the remaining workbook. Reopening the saved file you should have only one instance.

Problem: orphaned OneNote Notebook still listed in OneNote Online/App

I deleted a OneNote Notebook from OneDrive and despite the file is no more there, on OneNote App and on OneNote via Web it’s still there as Notebook that I can open (and if I try to open it, I receive and error).

I fixed it by opening OneNote desktop version and going to File > Open.

Delete the notebook from the list under “Recent Notebook” (Right click the notebook and select “Remove from List” to remove it).

Now when I go to OneNote online and click Notebooks, I only see the notebooks that were left in the Recent Notebook list.

Problem: VMware Tools on Windows Server 2016

Checking on vSphere my new Windows Server 2016 VM, I noticed that there was a warning regarding VMware Tools not installed. This was not true because VMware Tools was installed on vm but checking the services, only “VMware Alias Manager and Ticket Service” was there!.

I uninstalled VMware Tools, restarted the VM and reinstalled VMware Tools right-clicking “Setup64.exe” and selecting “Run as Admin”.

Now I have all the VMware services installed and the warning is gone on vSphere.